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April 23, 2014

I liked a tweet today that has a chart on how to choose a religion.  Go here.

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    Forgiving murderers and rapists is just silly. Your statement is unrealistic. *forigive*... 6 days ago
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    Keep in mind Jesus was god and vice versa:
    And slaves may be beaten, as long they survive... 6 days ago
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    In his parables, for example, Jesus often spoke of torturing his enemies.
    And his lord... 6 days ago
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    I had a 'discussion' on Amazon about Patricia Churchland's latest book. She asserts we... 6 days ago

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You could have guessed that Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller was an atheist but in June 2010 he was interviewed on "Think Big".  The highlight is where he talks about how he came to become an atheist - it was as simple as reading the bible!  To quote him directly:

"I think because what we get told about the Bible is a lot of picking and choosing, when you see, you know, Lot's daughter gang raped and beaten, and the Lord being okay with that; when you actually read about Abraham being willing to kill his son, when you actually read that; when you read the insanity of the talking snake; when you read the hostility towards homosexuals, towards women, the celebration of slavery; when you read in context, that "thou shalt not kill" means only in your own tribe - I mean, there's no hint that it means humanity in general; that there's no sense of a shared humanity, it's all tribal; when you see a God that is jealous and insecure; when you see that there's contradictions that show that it was clearly written hundreds of years after the supposed fact and full of contradictions."

Penn & Teller videos are one of the most popular on this site - this is one of them.

Interviewed by Paul Hoffman