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April 23, 2014

I liked a tweet today that has a chart on how to choose a religion.  Go here.

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Such a find would disprove the Resurrection and destroy the credibility of Christianity.  Canadian film-maker Simcha Jacobovici made the find in 1981 and he's not believed by many because it would be contrary to centuries of Christian belief.  They say it's because he's not fully accredited - his occupation is Documentary Director - but he does have help from others like James Tabor, a biblical scholar at the University of North Carolina.  However, his case has now been strengthened because he just made another find -  the grave of some followers of Jesus.  They are almost certainly Christians since there are signs and engravings that are not usual in Jewish graves.

Tomb of JesusAccording to Jacobovic and Tabor, the discovery gives credence to their claim that a chamber they called "the Garden tomb" nearby housed the remains of Christ. "These two tombs, both dating to around the time of Jesus, are less than 200 feet apart," they wrote in a report published Feb 27, 2012. "Any interpretation of one tomb has to be made in the light of the other."

Their assertions rest on the discovery in 1981 of ossuaries (complete with bones) in the Garden tomb that carried names similar to those of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Two others carried the names of "Judah, son of Jesus" and a woman they claimed could have been Mary Magdalene, who is widely thought to have been the wife of Jesus. Jacobovic does not claim that his discovery denies the resurrection - I guess he does not want to go down that path….  (More from him here)

A report by Adrian Blomfield (The Daily Telegraph) says that further investigation is likely to be tricky since although the chamber was discovered in 1981, excavation has been impossible because of an edict by Jewish religious authorities. After years of negotiation, Jacobovic, himself an Israeli-born Jew, managed to win approval to lower a robotic arm to photograph the ossuaries.

In addition, other archeologists are dismissing his claim as nonsense.  The problem is, their rejection of evidence is based on the fact that it has not been scientifically 100% verified.  Just like the evidence that Jesus was resurrected has not been scientifically 100% verified.  So far, there is zero archeological evidence to support the claim of a resurrection  so some weak evidence contradicting it seems to be dominant so far.  It seems that, based on archeology alone, it is most likely that the resurrection did not happen.  That means that the only supporting evidence is the collection of writings of some biased supporters.

But then - Christians are not known for caring about evidence.  Faith trumps all contradictions.

The discovery in 1981 prompted the creation of a movie called "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" in 2007.  It was produced by James Cameron and Directed by Simcha Jacobovic.  Below is a trailer for that movie.

Simcha Jacobovic has his own web site on the movie here.