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July 25, 2014

In Sudan, Meriam Yehya Ibrahim was sentenced to hang in early May 2014 - basically for being a Christian.  After global protests, she was freed and although initially barred from leaving Sudan she has now arrived safely in Rome.   More.


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It's not just the UN Human rights commission that's a farce, so is the General assembly.  There was an incident last Thursday where an interpreter told it like it was.  Under the mistaken impression that she was speaking only to colleagues, the interpreter uttered the following words into the headphones of every UN delegate, and before a live webcast audience worldwide: "I think when you have… like a total of ten resolutions on Israel and Palestine, there's gotta be something, c'est un peu trop, non? I mean I know… There's other really bad shit happening, but no one says anything about the other stuff."

The delegates laughed it off but she was commenting on the 10 resolutions that had just been passed condemning Israel with none even mentioning  other atrocities like Assad.  Further by the end of its annual legislative session next month, the General Assembly will have adopted a total of 22 resolutions condemning Israel-and only four on the rest of the world combined.

Worse, many seemingly civilized countries regularly vote in favour of motions condemning Israel.  A typical count on Thursday had the following votes:

For the motion:  160 delegates
Abstain:  5 - Australia, Cameroon, Papua New Guinea, South Sudan, Vanuatu
Against: 6 - Canada, Israel, Micronesia, Nauru, Palau, United States

No European country had the balls to stand up for what's right. Even New Zealand voted in favour while Australia abstained.  These are typical voting patterns and happen most of the time.

How can any country think there is value in the U.N.?   The hypocrisy, selectivity and politicization are staggering.

The subject of whether Israel is at fault is not the issue here - it's that "There's other really bad shit happening, but no one says anything about the other stuff"  That interpreter is one of the only people at the U.N. willing to come out and say this.

Sources: UN Watch Elder of Ziyon

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