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April 17, 2014

Sorry about the site down time Wednesday - problem was with the server, not particularly this site.


Looking for Cobourg Atheist?

This site is the successor to Cobourg Atheist (more here) but now the focus is on news with opinion and not on blog essays.  About 150 of the articles from Cobourg Atheist have been moved here. Coverage is world wide although it’s from a Canadian perspective.  Comments are open but registration is recommended.

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  • David Medd said More
    For the record, the NDP under Tom Mulcair is the pfficial opposition in Canada, noy Justin... 22 hours ago
  • Superskeptic007 said More
    I see a chart like this and I think, "Scary!!! There are people in charge that see the... 2 days ago
  • carmen said More
    I don't know about anyone else, but when I see the information on a chart like that I... 3 days ago
  • Kathy said More
    Not really. It just gives people the tools to find the truth 4 days ago

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